Aarya Films -The Wedding Bells (a Ritual Of Haldi Rasm)

October 9, 2019, 1:11 PM

Aarya Films -The Wedding bells (a ritual of Haldi rasm)

Indian wedding is all about the rituals which every couple and their family dreams off. Aarya films says - The colors and the lights makes the wedding bright . One of the astonishing ceremony of marriage is the ritual of haldi which plays key role in the life of Bride and groom. Why the haldi ceremony has to be performed, Every Bride and groom wonders? So here with the magnificent answer by wedding expert from Aarya films, Udaipur. which might surprise you. Every ceremony performed in marriage has a reason behind it or a significance in it. 

Traditional and scientific reason 

One of such reason behind the haldi ceremony is that, it detoxify the skin of Bride and groom and believed that the ceremony ward off the evil from affecting the bride and groom. This is also the reason why the bride and groom are not allowed to go outside after the ceremony. For the adorable and charming look in auspicious evening for the bride and groom and for their family members and relatives, the haldi ceremony has been performing since ancient times. 

Aarya films provide with the reason, the haldi or turmeric considered as antioxidants called cur-cumin and anti inflammatory and  the paste of it applied to Bride and groom so that they feel calm and relaxed throughout the marriage and protected from any cuts,  bruises or ailment before wedding. 

The ceremony where haldi or Lagun chadna is considered as a symbol of auspicious and brings peace and prosperity to the bride and groom with the elders blessings. This is the very first ceremony from where the marriage in Indian traditions commence. And even the everyone in marriage wear yellow color dress as its a symbol of peace and prosperity. 

Other interesting facts

The haldi considered as a cleanser and purify the body when the paste of it get to rinsed off and a divine glow will seen on Bride and groom. It's also worked as anti depressants so that the nervousness and anxiety in the bride and groom remove and enjoy one of the incomparable moment of their life to the fullest.  The marriage in Indian tradition is considered as sacrament and the bond which tie up with the hope that will never break. The haldi ceremony with the blessings literally and symbolically indicates a fresh or new start for the bride and groom. In the marriage in Indian tradition not only the relation of Bride and groom ties but their family and relatives also get to know each other and indirectly came in relation which remains last long. 

Eternal love 

The haldi ceremony has to be performed with love and respect in heart and soul for each other. The ceremony brings two families together, two boy and a soul together which felicitous and beneficial for the bond of Bride and groom. Everyone present in the ceremony for giving them their best wishes and blessing for their future life which remains intact. This is all about the significance of haldi ceremony in Indian wedding.  Love your love in the way you love yourself. Clean your body and soul with turmeric powder and Love rain. 

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